Yesterday I cleaned my windows. I guess you could say I “cleared” my windows…

It always feels great after you clean your windows, the sun shines through a lot brighter and the air always smells and feels cleaner as the breeze blows through the windows.  I had to remind myself of the benefits before I tackled clearing my windows yesterday.

Before I started, I assembled all my old towels and cleaning rags (damaged clothes that I cut into rags) and mismatched socks.  I put old towels on the floor and placed the windows on them as I took the panes out of the windows.  I always use many cleaning rags for cleaning the window because I like to clean the windows twice, once to remove the dirt and a second cleaning for the shine.  Single socks are great for cleaning the hard to reach tracks of the window.  Any difficult corners are cleaned with cotton swabs. I had my tunes on loud enough to hear as I moved from room to room.  Some people sing in the shower, I sing when I work! 

When I finished, I needed a hot bath, more good tunes but the choice this time is ballads, and the singing continues.

Today, the sun is not shining as brightly outside, but I am still enjoying the view and the air is perfect-almost as fresh as sitting outside.  I am happy I motivated myself and enjoying my day off. 

Next week I will get motivated for the next step in spring clearing.  I know the benefits will be worth it!

Lurlene Anderson

Professional Organizer, Writer, Speaker



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