Spring Painting

I paint on a regular basis, during the Spring or Fall season. With all the rain recently I decided to paint so I can enjoy the Sunshine when it comes. I KNOW it is coming!
I enjoy painting, it relaxes me and gardening does the same. It is best to know what you are doing before you paint-you want a professional look. Here are some tips to help you organize your painting session.


Before you decide on a colour, bring the chip sample home to test in your home with your regular lighting.

Start with dry clean walls, free of dirt, dust and mould. (If you have a few spots of mould, clean it completely with bleach and allow it to dry completely).

Purchase good quality paint and brushes. You will need a good brush designed for corners. I buy a straight line roller design for the area between the ceiling and the wall. I find them easier to use.

If you need to prime the walls, prime them, this is a step you definitely cannot skip.

Keep damp rags ready to use for minor spills or mistakes. You can wipe it clean if you use a damp rag right away.


Paint electrical and light switch plates

Forget to cover the floors and furniture before painting.

Try to save money and buy cheap paint. It will be more difficult to use and you will not be happy with the final result.

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer, Writer, Speaker


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