Organize & Clean in Minutes!

Years ago a group of friends rented a lovely cottage in a popular area. It was a great location, lots of space and great bedrooms for a large group of adults with children in tow. This particular group was very unique; we shared the “everything in its place” gene. We were quite upset that the rental was not up to our “white glove” status. We all keep our homes clean & clear, so at the beginning of our vacation we spent more time inside than outside. Why? We spent a lot of time putting things in order to our liking. You have to keep in mind, if you like having things in order; it is not a chore-it’s actually enjoyable. As our time there progressed, every time I walked into the cottage, it “sparkled” or “shined” a little more each time I walked through the door. The little things you do really make a difference.

What was the difference? We were all in synch; we all naturally and without a second thought, put things away as we used them and cleaned up after ourselves and our children. This sounds too simple but it really works!

Try these tips to make your rooms “shine”.

Remove any clutter from the room that has no purpose in the room

Dust all surfaces


  • Wipe down counter, fridge, stove and cupboard doors
  •  Clear the sink. Wash or put dishes in the dishwasher
  • Change the dish towel and dish cloth every third day or right after having guests

Quick Tip:

Always keep the dishwasher locked after washing before putting dishes away. This helps avoid mixing clean with dirty. If the door is locked, everyone knows it’s time to put the dishes away, if it’s open, put dirty dishes directly into the dishwasher.


  • Clean all surfaces
  • Change towels
  •  Check to ensure you have extra toilet paper rolls

Vacuum, sweep and mop floors.

 Remember to:

  • Put things away immediately
  • Wipe down counters after putting dishes away
  • If it doesn’t belong in the room, it shouldn’t be there!

Enjoy the shine!

Lurlene Anderson

Professional Organizer, Writer, Speaker



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