A Walk That Motivates!

One of my favourite times to walk is during the spring, especially on a sunny day with a cool, light breeze. Today was just one of those days. Everyone always appears to be in a good mood and will nod their head or give a quick smile and hello as they pass you by.
I just love to hear the different songs of birds in the trees and see plants in bloom. It is a wonderful season to witness new life and rejuvenation.
Today, I discovered I was smiling and really taking in the beauty of spring. It made me think of how I feel after I clear clutter. You know, those times when you clear space and you put everything in order. It always feels good to look at the renewed space and you keep sneaking a peak to enjoy it again and again.
The walk inspired me to tackle the pile of papers I need to shred and put in the recycling bin. I know when I finish I will have immense joy looking at the newly cleared space…

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer


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Organize Your Home with Spring Clearing

Organize Your Home with Spring Clearing

With warm weather just around the corner, many of us are looking forward to the opportunity to renew and refresh our homes with spring cleaning. I prefer to call this time period spring “clearing”, a chance to revitalize your space!
Spring cleaning is rooted deep in many cultures. Homes are cleaned thoroughly; everything in the household is cleaned and dusted. Windows, walls, furniture, bedding, rugs, floors, cupboards, closets, garage and basements are all included in the cleaning. It is a time to reinvigorate the home to help create a healthy lifestyle. In Chinese culture, homes are cleaned thoroughly to remove misfortune & bad luck. What a concept! I like to get rid of the old; it creates room for the new and exciting.
When I spring clear, I usually start with my bedroom closet. It is a time for me to look at my winter clothing and give away anything I haven’t worn that season and to throw away anything that is damaged. I usually add to my cleaning rag supply at this time. A lot of the fabric of my old clothing makes great dusting or cleaning rags. I use rags as much as possible instead of paper towels.
I alternate the clothes in my closet seasonally. I purchased an under the bed storage container for this purpose. A word or two of caution: measure the height of your bed before you purchase a container to ensure it is low enough to fit under your bed. There are also fabric storage containers if you prefer fabric to plastic.
Keep following for more tips!

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer, Writer, Speaker

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Office Organization

A lot of my clients hire me because their business grew very quickly and they are overwhelmed with paperwork. Many of us would love to have the challenge of a successful business. A successful business requires effective procedures and systems. When adequate systems are not in place, the “blame game” or projection occurs. Frustration builds and you lose sight of the root cause of your current situation.
When assessing workflow, it should always be about the system, not about the person. If a company grows quickly without an adequate system in place, it becomes more difficult to “catch up” or to set up a system that should have been in place from the onset. Here are a few signs that may indicate you may be experiencing procedural issues within your business:

 Panic mode
 Offers of help not accepted
 Jumping to conclusions, quickly judging before looking at the facts
 Forgetting tasks
 Being in a reactive state instead of being pro-active
 Unable to take vacation

These are all indications of a challenge, it is best to uncover the source, and make the necessary adjustments.


 Make a list of what is working well and the challenges, and then correct it.
 Set up a system that you can maintain
 Keep it simple
 Always work your strengths and hire your weaknesses

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer

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What is a Professional Organizer?

When I am asked what I do I often hear “I need you to come to my house” or I am asked what is a Professional Organizer? What do you do?

It is not an easy question to answer. I offer many services. I help busy people who are overwhelmed or just don’t know where to start with their clutter and I help create a retreat in YOUR home or office.

Here’s a list of my services:

o Home or office organization and setting up personalized systems to help maintain clutter. I organize based on my client’s needs, not my own.
o Personal assistant. I help busy entrepreneurs keep their office organized and appointments scheduled.
o Public Speaking to help deal with clutter or time management challenges.
o Published writer to provide tips to clear your clutter.
o Prepare homes for sale by painting, de-cluttering, staging and packing.

I love what I do and I am finding it difficult to choose my special niche. I’ll keep working on that!

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer

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Clear the Clutter in Your Closet

I was watching the Oprah show when I heard the topic, a subject near and dear to my heart-clearing the clutter in your closet. I immediately grabbed a pen and paper to take notes. I am always on the lookout for tips that I can pass on to my clients. Sometimes, it’s the “same ole, same ole”, other times, I strike gold. Adam Glassman brought home the gold! His tips are practical and very easy to apply.

• Anything you do not wear, even if you paid a lot for it
• Doesn’t fit now, don’t wait until you have lost weight, it may be out of style by then
• Brings you bad memories
• Duplicates

Everything in your closet should bring you joy, feel comfortable and be useful.

When clothes shopping, have a list so that you shop for what you need.

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer

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Is There a Hoarder in Your Life

Thanks to the A&E series “Hoarders”, there is a growing awareness regarding “Hoarding”. I for one am happy to see this situation addressed. A family experiences many challenges if there is a hoarder in their life. I truly feel the more it is talked about, the greater the understanding and less judgement. Many of us have a hoarder in our lives and we don’t know how to help.

Hoarding, excessive clutter or chronic disorganization has varying degrees or levels.

Excessive clutter can be temporary. It could be caused by a recent move, death of a loved one, divorce, birth or a toxic environment in your home or work.

A problem with excessive clutter could also be neurological, such as ADD or MS, emotional issues or addiction-there are several causes.

For more severe cases, it is highly recommended to receive therapy before you attempt to de-clutter.

What I do know is outside clutter is an indication or reflection of something going on inside you.

If you have a family member, loved one or friend with excessive clutter you should never nag, criticize, ridicule, judge or clear clutter without consent.

People with clutter issues are everywhere, on your street, co-worker, or boss. They come from all walks of life.

If you have a severe problem with clutter, it is best to seek professional therapy during the de-clutter process. And when you are ready to deal with your clutter, choose a Professional Organizer that you feel comfortable with who respects your boundaries and can trust with your purge and has experience and education that meets your needs.

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer, Public Speaker and Writer

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Great Organizing Giveaway Event

January 25 is the first day of the Great Organizing Giveaway!


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