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What is your New Year’s Resolution?

Is today the day that you are making a list of your resolutions for the New Year?

Are you thinking about a change? Has anyone asked you about your resolution today?

Every year, getting organized or spending more time with family and loved ones are one of the top ten.

Getting organized is actually a “habit” that you can develop with conscious effort and commitment. It takes 28 days to develop a habit, so why not commit to one change in your daily routine to create a new you for the month of January!

Start slow, here’s a list of small, baby steps to get you started:

• Make your bed each morning. (Even if you pull up the covers to your pillow, your bed will look better than an unmade bed)

• Put your keys in one location every time you walk in your door

• Clear your kitchen table each night

• Put your dishes directly in the dishwasher instead of the sink or wash your dishes right after dinner

• Designate one location for all your mail and put it in the same spot each day

• Recycle junk mail as soon as you receive it-put it in the recycling bin right away

As you become more organized in your daily routine, you will find you have created more time to spend with family and loved ones. “Being organized can save you time”. According to the Fast Company magazine, Executives waste 6 weeks per year searching for misplaced documents!

This is my New Year’s gift to everyone-work on one resolution and you actually succeed in making two of your resolution wishes come true!

Lurlene Anderson

Professional Organizer


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A Walk That Motivates!

One of my favourite times to walk is during the spring, especially on a sunny day with a cool, light breeze. Today was just one of those days. Everyone always appears to be in a good mood and will nod their head or give a quick smile and hello as they pass you by.
I just love to hear the different songs of birds in the trees and see plants in bloom. It is a wonderful season to witness new life and rejuvenation.
Today, I discovered I was smiling and really taking in the beauty of spring. It made me think of how I feel after I clear clutter. You know, those times when you clear space and you put everything in order. It always feels good to look at the renewed space and you keep sneaking a peak to enjoy it again and again.
The walk inspired me to tackle the pile of papers I need to shred and put in the recycling bin. I know when I finish I will have immense joy looking at the newly cleared space…

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer

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What is a Professional Organizer?

When I am asked what I do I often hear “I need you to come to my house” or I am asked what is a Professional Organizer? What do you do?

It is not an easy question to answer. I offer many services. I help busy people who are overwhelmed or just don’t know where to start with their clutter and I help create a retreat in YOUR home or office.

Here’s a list of my services:

o Home or office organization and setting up personalized systems to help maintain clutter. I organize based on my client’s needs, not my own.
o Personal assistant. I help busy entrepreneurs keep their office organized and appointments scheduled.
o Public Speaking to help deal with clutter or time management challenges.
o Published writer to provide tips to clear your clutter.
o Prepare homes for sale by painting, de-cluttering, staging and packing.

I love what I do and I am finding it difficult to choose my special niche. I’ll keep working on that!

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer

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Is There a Hoarder in Your Life

Thanks to the A&E series “Hoarders”, there is a growing awareness regarding “Hoarding”. I for one am happy to see this situation addressed. A family experiences many challenges if there is a hoarder in their life. I truly feel the more it is talked about, the greater the understanding and less judgement. Many of us have a hoarder in our lives and we don’t know how to help.

Hoarding, excessive clutter or chronic disorganization has varying degrees or levels.

Excessive clutter can be temporary. It could be caused by a recent move, death of a loved one, divorce, birth or a toxic environment in your home or work.

A problem with excessive clutter could also be neurological, such as ADD or MS, emotional issues or addiction-there are several causes.

For more severe cases, it is highly recommended to receive therapy before you attempt to de-clutter.

What I do know is outside clutter is an indication or reflection of something going on inside you.

If you have a family member, loved one or friend with excessive clutter you should never nag, criticize, ridicule, judge or clear clutter without consent.

People with clutter issues are everywhere, on your street, co-worker, or boss. They come from all walks of life.

If you have a severe problem with clutter, it is best to seek professional therapy during the de-clutter process. And when you are ready to deal with your clutter, choose a Professional Organizer that you feel comfortable with who respects your boundaries and can trust with your purge and has experience and education that meets your needs.

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer, Public Speaker and Writer

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New Year, New You!

Free Your Time to meet personal New Year Reslutions

Free your time to meet personal New Year Resolutions
• Start small
• Set attainable goals
• Share your intention; this will help you stick to it
• If you slip up, it’s okay, start again
• Set up a system that works for everyone in the household, make it fun!
How to Purge?
• Is it useful?
• Have you used it in the last 6 months?
• Do you know someone who can use it?
• Donate, donate, donate
Children’s Toys
• Right after Christmas is the best time to purge the toys
• Sort when your children are not home, you should be aware of their favourite toys, if unsure, keep those toys for them to sort
• Throw out all broken toys
• Donate age inappropriate toys and toys that are not popular with your children
Children should always be responsible for putting away their toys before going to bed or when visiting. This will develop a healthy habit.

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer,
Speaker, Writer

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Garage Sale Tips

Summer is here! Now is the perfect time to have a garage sale and make cash while getting rid of your clutter. There are many seasoned “garage salers” who are on the hunt for bargains each weekend. Why not consider hosting a garage sale to take advantage of the weather. You will be glad you did. Many people are surprised by the income generated for just a few hours of work.

Be prepared and do not overlook details such as:

Change-be prepared and have fives, loonies & toonies ready to give change

Speaking of change, have a petty cash box or fanny pack to hold your “chi-ching”

Be sure to label all items with price stickers, some shoppers won’t take the time to ask the price-you do not want to lose a sale.

Good luck!

Lurlene Anderson


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Hiring a Professional Organizer

Hire a professional organizer with patience & understanding. It is ok to “interview” a professional organizer to ensure you will hire someone you feel comfortable with and you feel is non-judgmental. Some people feel shame in their clutter. It can happen to anyone. Clutter can be triggered by several reasons such as a loss of a loved one, learned behaviour or past crisis, the fears are exaggerated and they need “things” around them to feel safe.

Lurlene Anderson

Professional Organizer

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