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Need more cupboard space?

A great solution for lack of storage is a pantry. In the past, a pantry was generally a separate room in the kitchen that was used to store food items-a storage area complete with shelving and a door. It is possible to purchase your own pantry and personalize it to suit your needs. There is a wide variety to choose from. Not to mention the array of colours and sizes; it is easy to find one that will fit perfectly into your space.

I am a firm believer in creative thinking and using items for different purposes. I just purchased a pantry for my kitchen and as I was putting it together, I began to think of the various uses for the one I purchased. It is a wood tone that would also be a great choice for a home office.
The benefit of a pantry is that it keeps items “out of sight” and therefore helps remove visual clutter from the room. Another great benefit is that the shelves are adjustable so you can control the height to store items by size.
Here are some ideas for “pantry” storage:


• Entertaining items such as serving trays, serviettes, paper plates & cutlery.
• Paper towels
• Recycle bin
• Bottles & cans
You can also store like items together in baskets. If you keep them together, you will see at a glance that you have enough and avoid duplicates and triplicate.

Home Office

• Paper
• Files
• Office Supplies
• Tax returns
• Manuals , notebooks & books
• Warranties
• Spare computer hardware, printer or parts

Laundry Room

• Detergent, fabric softener, bleach & spot remover
• Cleaning rags

Other uses

• Gift wrapping tools
• Sewing items
• Craft storage
• Christmas decorations
• Game storage
• Spare bedding & pillows
A final tip-Always store heavier items on the bottom shelf.

Lurlene Anderson
Professional Organizer, Writer, Speaker


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